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What is Abcore Cadí?

Abcore Cadí is the main Internet services platform for projects designed to improve the world. 

Abcore Cadí allows organisations to easily manage their online presence and internet relations. The platform includes web pages, email, news, blogs, newsletters and events among other things, all of which are editable directly on the page. 

In this sense, Abcore Cadí is a complete platform that incorporates a long list of services including: 
  • Photo gallery synchronised with Flickr, Picasa and others
  • Newsletters with integrated online editing, email function and subscriber management
  • Bulk mail to send press releases and messages to members
  • Quotations to show your phrase of the day on the web
  • Partners page to display your partner organisations’ logos
  • Links to maintain a directory of interesting web pages
  • Extranet to access the same web services in private
  • Forms to receive answers from internet users
  • Forums to encourage areas for dialogue
  • A Glossary to show a dictionary of terms
  • News Articles to share your day to day activities on the web 
  • Next Events to organise and share information about your activities 
  • Easy to edit and publish web pages 
  • A Resources Centre to manage an online knowledge bank
  • A User’s page to be able to manage the team’s personal details
  • Statistics to know who does what on the internet
  • Language options to be able to present information in different languages
  • Templates to incorporate every design imaginable 
  • Shortcuts to add news items, photos, events and other highlights on the homepage 
  • Blocks to manage menus and changes across different pages at the click
  • Email to manage communications
  • Email lists to generate discussion and to coordinate teams 
  • ‘To do’ lists so you never forget anything 
  • Calendar to consult by date 
  • Maps to geo-localise events
  • LAMP to add campus, CRM, Wordpress, Drupal etc. Improving the World using Information Technology to Help Organizations
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