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Wednesday 20 th January 2016
One of most difficult issues when creating a new webpage is the need to preview, show and surf this page in a private way before publishing it. Until now, the available solutions were complex or difficult to manage, but with the new "Preview" tool, surfing the Internet is much more clearer for the users.


Thursday 3 rd December 2015
Now you can also edit the news without leaving the context of the web page.

Thursday 29 th October 2015
We have once again revolutionized web page editing with the new On Page Editor. Until now, Abcore Cadí allowed users to select a part of a web page and edit the selection in a new window with the original page in the background. With the new On Page Editor, it is now also possible to edit the page directly.  

Wednesday 14 th October 2015
The Abcore Cadí platform keeps improving. Nowadays it's the turn of the Extranet images. 

Friday 25 th September 2015
With this tool you can sync photo albums from different platforms with just a few clicks. 

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