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Wednesday 24 th September 2014
Google Chrome is a web browser that by default is updated to new versions transparently to the user.

Monday 23 rd June 2014
The news editor of Internet services platform Ab.core continues to improve, and now we have a new feature that saves the draft news every 5 seconds.

Wednesday 18 th June 2014
We have extended the usability of the internet services platform Ab · core with a new feature that allows automatic resize of pictures or the use of fixed-size images for newsletters, for display in web, tablets and mobile phones.

Monday 16 th June 2014
The upgrade of programs we conducted this spring, is beginning to bear fruit and today we present the new editor in which you can see a more modern look, while maintaining the usability criteria of the previous, so that no training is necessary.

Monday 16 th June 2014
The service of editing and publishing news has new features. It now allows us to include custom fields which opens endless possibilities.

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