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Headline news
Tuesday 19 th July 2016 has carried out a general test in order for organisations to work more efficiently. The online training platform introduces innovations also for the non profits.

Tuesday 17 th May 2016
The Abcore Cadí Stakeholders service allows you to display the logos and links of organizations to which each entity is related, and geolocate them on a map.

Tuesday 3 rd May 2016
The support of keeps getting better. In order to continue these improvements, we have adapted tutorials for the Internet Services Program in Spanish, Catalan, English, and French for all user organizations.

Tuesday 15 th March 2016
At we continuously work to improve user experience, adding new tools and processes to our support services.

Wednesday 17 th February 2016
The platform Abcore Cadí is releasing a new support service to rMail users, facilitating troubleshooting and the setting up of email accounts.


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