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Tuesday 25 th March 2014
Tag cloud is a mechanism that connects, usually single words, together and which are found in different data. It is useful to locate data quickly perceiving the most prominent terms. 

Monday 24 th March 2014
Moodle is world´s free learning platform that helps you create effective online teaching and learning experiences in a collaborative and private environment.

Monday 3 rd March 2014
Teaming is an initiative which helps people in need with macro-donations of 1 euro. The people who donate give 1 euro per month to a charitable cause of their choice. We can see that a lot of Teaming groups are growing fast, but also some that don´t have more than 4 friends. In fact there are currently about 500 Teaming Managers who are practically alone. They have completed a project profile, but have not raised almost anything. Beside them, there are over 100 Teaming Managers who have teams bigger than 100 Teamers, and who are raising thousands of euros for a stable and durable sustainably.  

Tuesday 11 th February 2014
If you go to the service newsletters/mass-sending at the end of the menu, you can see the item “Manage Bounces”. Here you will see a list of different e-mails.

Sunday 8 th December 2013
The address book in the Internet Ab·core  services platform is used by many organizations as the database that feeds the electronic newsletters service, lists of associates, media and work groups to which regularly newsletters, press notices, communications and group emails are sent.
Today we introduce a new functionality that will help the admins to import their databases in their address book.

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