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Improvements in user support

At we continuously work to improve user experience, adding new tools and processes to our support services.

We have established different support levels which are easily accessible for helping and supporting users in Abcore Cadí. We describe these levels below: 

1. Hovering with the mouse:Ayuda de contexto

Many of the functions of Abcore Cadí are accompanied by a question mark which appears when hovering the cursor over the text. Click it to reveal help for the corresponding function.

Video Tutoriales
2. List of tutorials:

We have published a good compilation of video tutorials in different languages, which are available both on Youtube and on

3. Support tools for email

Since a large number of consultations are linked to an email address we have prepared, in addition to the page of frequently asked questions and multilingual tutorials, a new specialised support tool in English.

4. New panel on SCRUM
Panel de

We have also updated our methodology of work. Now, when you send an email to, as well as being received in the inbox of the person who is responsible for support at that moment, a task opens automatically in our panel, making our support much quicker and integrating it into our methodology of work with SCRUM and Trello.

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Translation by Cristina Lizarbe Ruiz,
on 29/03/2016
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